Irish Water and the DPC’s letter and what it means

[This is a repost of a post I wrote o the 24th of September. Some people said they had difficulty accessing it so I am reposting it. I’ve updated it with links to other relevant posts that I’ve made since then. They are included in-line] This evening [24th Sept] the Data Protection Commissioner has contacted […]

Irish Water, transfer of data, and WTF

TJ McIntyre was on Morning Ireland this morning talking about Irish Water and their use of PPSN. The Irish Water representative, Elizabeth Arnett was on a few minutes later. In the course of the Irish Water commentary on their use of data, the question was asked about what would happen to PPSN data if Irish […]

Irish Water Data Protection Notice – An Alternative Version

So, I appear to have caused some consternation with my post over the weekend. To help clarify things, I’ve put together an alternative reality version of the Irish Water Data Protection Notice based on information that has been included in recent media coverage and which is fragmented across a number of documents produced by Irish […]

Irish Water Data Protection Notice: A review…

Irish Water have published their Data Protection notice on their website. This document is a key element in any organisation’s data protection compliance. It is the way in which the organisation demonstrates “fair obtaining” of personal data and sets out the specific lawful purposes for which they are processing data.  It is essential that these […]

Census and Data Protection

My significant other has acted as an enumerator for the Irish Census of Population in the past, and has applied to do it again. Every census season, I see lots of ill-informed comment about the nature of the census, what the data can or will be used for, and who it will be shared with. […]

Data Protection Rake: WHACK!!

So, the Minister for Education is fighting a rear-guard action to justify the method of execution of the Primary Online Database. Get ready for the rakes. Correctly, she is stressing the need for a means to track education outcomes as children move from primary to secondary education, where there is a drop-out rate which is […]

Irish Government projects and the Data Protection Rake

The more I see the mindset of the Irish Civil Service around data and its potential for use (and misuse and abuse), the harder I find it to get this video out of my mind. Over the past two years, literally at every turn, an initiative has been launched which has, within a short period […]

Adequate, Relevant, Not Excessive

For the last number of weeks we have been told by the Government and by Irish Water that PPS numbers are required by Irish Water for the purposes of validating entitlement to allowances. We have been told that not providing the information will result in people not being able to have their water bills reduced […]

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Washing the Defectives

I’m away places foreign at the moment, delivering a keynote on data protection and data governance stuff in an EU country where everyone was shocked and horrified to hear what a cack handed job of Data Protection compliance Irish Water was making. I was hoping to leave Irish Water alone. But they’ve apparently gone and […]

A blatant advert for IGQIE2014

igqie2014-flyerigqie2014-flyer I normally try to keep business and personal blogging separate for a variety of reasons *koff* domestic exemption to DPA *koff* but as this site is getting a lot of hits recently about Irish Water stuff, and as the conference my company is running is DIRECTLY RELEVANT to the subject, I thought I’d post […]