Electoral Register Forms

I had a look at the Reach Service Portal ( a central portal for citizen information).

They had a helpful link to a form to register for the Register of Electors. Very helpful. My thoughts are as follows:

  1.  If there is no standard template in existence amongst local authorities ( to the Minister’s surprise), why has the Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council form been picked as the standard one to select through a central information portal? Is it in some way superior to the other forms? If so, should this be the standard form?
  2. The form does not allow for deleting people from the register (such as might need to be done if a person moved out of a residence) nor does it seem to allow for flagging a change in name – which could lead to additional people being added to the register just because they got married and their names changed.

The form does state that it is an offence to provide false information. What processes are in place for checking for false/inaccurate information?

Perhaps Irish citizens visiting the Blogosphere could check with their local authorities to see if they can register to vote through an ‘on-line’ facility. Thus far all I have found is a link to Dun Laoghaire/Rathdown County Council. I may be missing something on www.wexford.ie (Wexford County Council’s site) but I can’t even find a link there to an application form.

If you do find a form or on-line service, post a comment here with your assssment of the form – is it easy to understand/use? Is the information capture process meeting your expectations?

Dunlaoghaire Rathdown Councils’ form for Electoral Register… the apparent standard form.

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