Electoral Information Quality – A Consolidating post

As the blog is getting legs a bit now, I thought it best to consolidate the posts of the last few weeks on the Electoral Register issues into one point of reference, particularly for readers new to the site.

I am also taken the opportunity to upload a few additional articles etc. that I have written on the issue to the blog for reference.


First up is a draft paper I have put together on the proposed solutions and why they are likely to be inadequate. 

Next up is a link to an article I have had published in an International newsletter for Information Quality Management Professionals.

Finally there is an article based on my post on what scrap and rework is of earlier this month. This article was submitted to national newspapers as an opinion piece – and I should acknowledge the assistance of Simon over on Tuppenceworth with whipping it into shape. Click here to download Scrap and Rework article. The article is also reproduced as an appendix in the previously mentioned report.

As regards posts – pretty much any of the posts in the Information Quality/Electoral Data Quality category are relevant. I will double check all the post categorisations to make sure that nothing is missing.

That’s my update for today.