Some good quality experiences

I recently bought a case for my PDA from the lovely people at Proporta. Unfortunately, a few days after getting the case the belt clip disintegrated with the hinge part simply snapping off. I was dismayed.

By co-incidence that day I received an email from one of Proporta’s customer service people following up on my order. I responded to the email and explained the situation. By return of email I was assured that some replacement belt clips were on the way and I am expecting them soon.

Proporta have asked me if they can quote my feedback to them in their testimonials… and I say definitely they can as their process seems to be very customer focussed with a quick turn around on issues. I can’t help contrasting that with my experiences with Dell.

The cost to Proporta of replacing the belt-clip is probably a lot less than the likely referrals or follow on sales that they will get as a result of the positive feedback (and link from this blog). I am likely to buy from them again myself.

Good quality, be it in products or service, promotes growth and profitability. Well done Proporta.