Oh D(H)ell… a slight reprise

got this email from Dell yesterday

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for contacting Dell Customer Care on 27/03/2007 with a question or need for Dell. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you and are interested in your feedback concerning our performance.

Dell has asked TNS Prognostics, a customer satisfaction research company in the IT industry, to help us conduct a survey regarding your experience. To help ensure we are providing expert assistance, please provide your feedback in this brief survey. This survey should take approximately 5 – 7 minutes to complete.

To complete the survey, please click on the Web address below. If that does not work, copy and paste the entire Web address into the address field of your browser.


If you are an AOL user, please click on the following link:

{Link to AOL version of survey removed by me}

NOTE: Some e-mail programs may split the above URL onto two lines. If you are prompted for a PIN, please cut and paste the following into provided space:
{pin for survey removed by me}

We look forward to your feedback.

Yours sincerely,

Dell Support Team

All fine and dandy except that I didn’t contact them on the 27th of March. On the 27th of March I had the visit from their techie who installed my graphics card and then getting an update call from tech support about my DVD drive issues (which I’d fixed myself).

Needless to say I’ll be scoring them quite low on the quality of their products. I pity Lucy (my erstwhile Tech support maven) and her colleagues who seem to be left as much at sixes and sevens as customers.

All I’ve previously posted still stands. And I will be filling out the survey… oh yes… I will.