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Many moons ago I posted a piece on this blog about Information Quality Scrap and Rework in the Irish Electoral Register. This article was submitted to a number of Irish newspapers at the time (when it was very topical) and was referenced at length by tuppenceworth and others.

Earlier this year I was invited to write for Larry English’s column in DM Review magazine, an international trade magazine for Information Management and Business Intelligence. It appeared in the on-line ‘extended edition’ of the magazine. Here is the link to this month’s DM Review… I’m on page 5 (I’m credited as a contributor but the content appeared here first, and was picked up by B-Eye-Network last year also. For real afficianados of Irish Electoral Register issues, here’s a link to the paper I wrote on the issue back in the dim and distant past.

Thanks to Larry and his staff for helping with a minor re-write to make the article more ‘American-friendly’. (Larry’s profile that I’ve linked to above is from the IAIDQ website –

2 thoughts on “Scrap & Rework Article”

  1. Congrats. Perhaps a little rich for Mr. English’s photo to appear on the top of that text, but different publications have different kinds of crediting criteria.

    Who knows, the world may one day hear your wailings from the desert.

  2. It appears that the magazine publishers couldn’t/wouldn’t alter the standard page layout they have. At least it has now been published twice outside of Ireland, as against the total of no times in any Irish newspaper (despite them having first bite).

    In light of that fact I’m not as thrilled about this as I might otherwise be. I wonder if any of the Paper Round commenters might explain why foreign media (albeit trade press) have taken an interest in this angle on the issue twice but I’ve heard not a dickie bird from more local camps.

    I predict Data Quality tool vendors will be circling the Customs House like vultures within the month however.

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