Public Transport

Iarnrod Eireann/CIE have announced a massive overhaul of the DART network in Dublin to integrate public transport around the capital. Details of their proposal can be found in the Irish Times today.

What struck me was the similarity between the diagram of what they are proposing and the plan put forward previously by transport lobby group ‘Platform 11’. Platform 11’s proposal can be found here.

The only difference I can see is that the Platform 11 plan makes use of the well documented tunnel that runs under the Phoenix park between Heuston Station and Docklands to complete the ‘orbital’ transport route.

Of course I could be wrong – the diagrams presented are both artistic representations of (what I hope) are more detailed technical plans. But surely the consultation process that is now commencing should consider the options of converting the tunnel – which given that CIE are proposing to put some of the DART network underground as part of their plan surely makes sense? – it’s the one part where they wouldn’t need to dig the tunnel first.