An IQ Trainwreck…

From Don Carlson, one of my IAIDQ cronies in the US comes this YouTube vid from Informatica (a data quality software tool vendor) that sums up a lot of why Information Quality matters.

Of course, I could get snooty and ask what gave them the idea to juxtapose Information Quality and Trainwrecks…. gosh, I’d swear I’ve seen that somewhere before

2 thoughts on “An IQ Trainwreck…”

  1. What’s interesting is that the busty blond was the smart one and the geek with the gadget was an imbicile. I don’t think we see enough use of sexy women to sell data integration software. You can’t really drape a bikini clad model on the bonnet of data integration software.

  2. Hear hear. However, it was commented to me at the DM&IQ Conference a few years ago (just after BaselII and Sox started to make their presence felt) that some tool vendors were bringing the younger females from the sales team to the show to people the stand. I can’t possibly think why.

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