Bogger Broadband

Regular visitors to this blog will know about my trials and tribulations getting a half way decent broadband service that works.

After a tormented experience dealing with a useless local service provider who admit to owing me money but haven’t gotten around to sending me the cheque (but in fairness, I haven’t gotten around to sending in ComReg either) I’ve been using Vodafone’s 3g broadband which I find to be a lot like the little girl with the curl in her forehead… when it is good, it is very very good, but when it is bad it makes me want to throw my laptop at a wall.

Good news reaches me though from a contact in the telecoms industry. The diggers i saw digging and new cabinet I saw being cabineted on the side of the road in Castlebridge recently is evidence of an exchange upgrade which will enable broadband over copper. Yippee… actual technology I can touch!

Forecast dates are November this year, over a year late (the original date was September 2008). So I’ll expect it around May 2009.

And to my former broadband provider (who I still haven’t named publicly)… I will be passing your details along to ComReg (again).