Software Quality, Information Quality, and Customer Service

Cripes. It’s been a month since I last posted here. Time flies when you are helping your boss figure out how to divide your work up before you leave the company in 3 weeks. I’ve also been very busy with my work in the International Association for Information and Data Quality – lots of interesting things happening there, including the Blog Carnival for Data Quality which I’ll be hosting come Monday!

One of the things I do in the IAIDQ is moderate and manage the website. It is a resource site for people which captures real world stories of how poor quality information impacts on people, companies, and even economies.

Earlier this week I posted a case that was flagged to me by the nice people over at concerning double-charging on customer accounts arising from a software bug. Details of that story can be found on IQTrainwrecks and on Tuppenceworth. I’d advise you to read either of those posts as they provide the context necessary for what follows here.

Imagine how hard I laughed this morning when I read the Dilbert cartoon below…

I’ve actually written to the bank in question with some questions to clarify the scale of this particular IQ Trainwreck. I’ll post a further update on when I hear from them.

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  2. I stumbled across your blog and read most of what happened…and dear lord….someone should wring them out to dry….that is awful and it seems to happen quiet a bit to many people worldwide. People don’t realize how important little bits of data are and just don’t secure it properly. I work in the software industry so I guess I just see it more, the level of data quality and data governance in programming has come along way it’s just companies and people don’t use it properly or think about the choices they make when they secure data on their computer networks. I hope that everything get sorted out for you!! GOOD LUCK!

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