A blatant advert for IGQIE2014

I normally try to keep business and personal blogging separate for a variety of reasons *koff* domestic exemption to DPA *koff* but as this site is getting a lot of hits recently about Irish Water stuff, and as the conference my company is running is DIRECTLY RELEVANT to the subject, I thought I’d post a little snippet about it.

IGQIE2014 – (Information Governance and Quality Ireland to give it its full title) is an event Castlebridge Associates is running on the 7th of November in the Marker Hotel in Dublin. The day is aimed at connecting the dots between the legal principles of Data Protection and Privacy in the EU and the coal-face challenges of data modelling, information quality, and data governance necessary to achieve compliance and deliver happy customer outcomes.

In the morning session we have three presentations from:

  • Fergal Crehan – Barrister at Law and expert on EU Data Protection and Privacy law. Fergal has been directly involved in a number of key cases in Ireland and at the CJEU on Data Protection issues.
  • Michael G Morrow: Michael is an expert in Data Modelling. He’s going to be talking about  the need for business engagement in the Data Model design and engineering process.
  • Me – I’m talking Data Governance, Data Protection, Privacy by Design, Privacy Engineering, and Data Engineering. Aim is to link Fergal and Michael’s themes together in something educational.

In the afternoon we have three of the world’s leading experts on Data Governance, Information Quality, and Information Architecture coming to deliver parallel tutorials.

Full details can be found on http://igq.ie

Early bird ticket deals expire TODAY

Student tickets are available for the Morning only.

A flyer is attached to this post for you to download and share.