Awakening from Slumber

It’s been just over a year since I wrote anything on this blog. That’s too long. So I’ll be writing some stuff today and tomorrow about my experiences using FOI to identify where mandatory procedural aspects of Data Protection law are not being followed by public bodies and the response of the Data Protection Commission to these.

Ultimately, good data protection practice starts with good governance and effective enforcement.

First up will be my write up of what happened when I asked Wexford County Council for a copy of their DPIA for the deployment of drones and the outcome of the DPC’s investigation.

These are things I’m doing as a private individual, not as part of my work in Castlebridge, so rather than clutter things up on the Castlebridge blog, I’ve nudged this blog back into life. (I’ll also be doing similar with iqtrainwrecks as the last few months have thrown up some fantastic case studies).

But for now, I’ve got some day job things to do…