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Windows Vista and my new Dell – some thoughts

Blogging this in some frustration. Ordered a new Dell a few weeks back because my previous “Aldi-Special” (a ‘Gericom’ brand) had died. As I was going to be sticking the new purchase on the never-never (finance) I decided to pimp my ride a bit and ordered the best spec I could get for the price …

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Amazon-inania update

I used the contact form on the Dept of Enterprise site last night to alert them to the Amazon-inania…  Here is their response… which includes the email and name of the Private Secretary to the Minister, which I’ve cut out for sake of privacy. If anyone wants them, comment and request (I will not post this …

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Tuppenceworth directed me to a worrying bit of news – Amazon have gone totally insane. Having read the posts and comments over at Michele’s blog, I had to get my writing fingers out. Let’s start with the issues in the order they come to me: The point was made that if you contacted a baker …

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