The Follow Friday Festive Bumper Edition

The following people are people who I’ve followed on twitter throughout 2011 and who I’ve found to be excellent contributors, insightful commenters, and generally a bit of a laugh to interact with. I’ve categorised them so you can see the type of people I connect with. By the nature of humans, some people may appear in more than one category, and by the nature of humans some of the people I follow are privacy nuts who don’t want to be followed and would rather grow their network organically. So I’ve left them off.


@kenoconnordata ; @dataqualitypro; @murnane ;@ocdqblog ; @davidloshin

@master_OBASHI @hldsk @nicola_askham @dq_midnightblue @kdrecruitment @dqstudent  @theroadtoDQ @johnimm @coldpc @dan_power @sarahburnett @juliebhunt @silverdata @jilldyche @dcervo @gwenthomasdgi @dqchronicle @markhorseman @paul_power @datachick @philsimon @manaboutcouch ; @datamgmtwonk @sheezaredhead

#PrivacyNuts (including Security)

@brianhonan @mikko @pogowasright @privacyint @rossamcmahon


@kenoconnordata ; @dataqualitypro; @murnane ;@ocdqblog ; @davidloshin

@master_OBASHI @hldsk @nicola_askham @dq_midnightblue @kdrecruitment @dqstudent @theroadtoDQ @johnimm @coldpc @dan_power @sarahburnett @juliebhunt @silverdata @jilldyche @dcervo @gwenthomasdgi @dqchronicle @markhorseman @paul_power @datachick @iaidq @datamgmtwonk @sheezaredhead


@suzybie @tupp_ed @mcgarrsolicitor


@philsimon @tom_peters @mikko @tupp_ed


@tupp_ed @fergal @manaboutcouch @rossamcmahon @damienmulley

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