Irish Water, Data Protection, and the Cut and Paste Fairy

A few weeks ago I wrote a post here about Irish Water’s Data Protection Policy, which was very poorly written and had all the hallmarks of having been cut and paste from another document (for example references to numbered clauses that were not in the Data Protection Notice). Today they have advertised on for […]

Irish Water Boarding

A few weeks ago I did a lot of research to find the specific section of legislation that authorised Irish Water to request PPSN details from people. It is Section 20 of the Social Welfare and Pensions Act 2014. So, a bit of a law was done to do a thing. But could that thing […]

Irish Water: Quality by Design

Having failed the Privacy by Design Test, Irish Water have lurched into one of my other specialist areas today, Information Quality. This story in the Irish Times relates to the quality of information presentation in the design of some of the meters used by Irish Water. It also relates to data quality characteristics such as […]

Irish Water channelling Alec Guinness

  Irish Water is working hard on Twitter and in other forums to convince itself, if not us, that all is well with regard to their Data Protection policies and procedures. In response to questions raised about the retention of data, specifically PPSN data once allowance entitlements are validated and personal data of non-customers, Irish […]

Morning Ireland, Irish Water, and Data Protection clarifications

Elizabeth Arnett of Irish Water was on Morning Ireland this morning. Some good and important clarifications given. She confirmed PPSN would only be used for the purposes of validating allowance entitlements. That differs from the commentary in yesterday’s Irish Times in the context of landlords and tenants, but clears up the confusion. Irish Water will […]

For Feck’s Sake Irish Water, I’ve got a day job…

Stopped to take a breather for lunch. Saw this from TJ McIntyre (a man who knows his onions when it comes to Data Protection and Privacy). @ElaineEdwards @IrishWater So why does the site privacy policy say that info can be used for phone, email, sms and in person sales? — TJ McIntyre (@tjmcintyre) September 30, […]

Reposted: Irish Water, the letter from the DPC, and what it all means

[On the 24th September I posted this. I’ve updated it to insert relevant updates in other posts in context] This evening the Data Protection Commissioner has contacted Irish Water in relation to their processing of personal data. Deputy Roisin Shorthall TD has published a response from the Commissioner’s office on her website to questions she […]

Accurate and Up-to-date – Irish Water and changing data

So, via Twitter I’ve learned that Irish Water don’t have a process defined yet for people moving house. Well, they have one defined but its “not signed off on yet”. This is a pretty basic process that exists in all utilities, satellite TV companies, and fixed line phone companies. Its the one you rely on […]

Irish Water and PPSN data

This morning the Irish Times has a story about Irish Water, landlords, tenants, and PPSNs The article tells us that: Bills are to be issued quarterly, but as Irish Water will have the tenant’s PPS number, the utility firm will be able to pursue the tenant for any arrears and even apply any arrears to […]

Irish Water – A Data Architecture thought noodle [Updated]

[preamble: This is a thought noodle. It’s not a solution. It just sets out possible options for an alternative approach. I fully expect issues and wrinkles to be pointed out. ] There has been a lot of discussion about the legality of Irish Water’s use of PPS Numbers. It is correct to say that Irish […]