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Daragh O Brien is an Irish citizen living in the south east of Ireland. He worked on Information Quality and Compliance projects by a leading Irish company based in Dublin until 2009. He now runs his own company providing training, mentoring and project support services in the Information Quality Management space. You can find the company over at Castlebridge.ie

Daragh is a leading writer, presenter and researcher in the field of Information Quality Management, with a particular interest in legal aspects of Information Quality. He lectures on cheapest generic cialis'>cheapest generic cialis the Legal Regulation for Information Systems module of the http://almansouria.org/viagra-25mg European Masters in Business Informatics in Dublin City University.

Daragh is currently the Convenor (chairman) of the IAIDQ’s Irish community of practice, a former Director of marketmentor.org the International Association for Information and Data Quality (IAIDQ) and a Fellow of the Irish Computer Society. He also advises a number of not-for-profit professional organisations on Information Quality, Data Governance and Data Protection topics.

He is a popular and entertaining speaker on Information Quality topics and www.ieasea.org has spoken at and chaired conferences in Ireland, the US, UK, Portugal and Australia over the past few years.

Articles and papers written by Daragh have appeared in the B-Eye-Network, DM Review, The Journal of Direct Marketing, and the Proceedings of the Conference on Advanced Issues in Systems Engineering (2005).

He is the author of two industry reports from Ark Group: Defining and Executing an Effective Data Quality Strategy and The Data Governance and Strategy Toolkit.

What else?

Daragh has a degree in Business and Legal Studies from UCD and has contributed to curriculum development for an Irish university Masters programme in Business Informatics and generic cialis for sale for FETAC in the areas of Legal Regulation of http://bookstore.ie/buy-cheap-cialis Information Systems and Information Quality.

He is not a lawyer but is often mistaken for one.

He is a contributor to the Innovation Value Institute (www.ivi.ie) in the area of Enterprise Information Management, Data Protection, and Information Quality.


Any postings or comment on this site are my own and do not necessarily reflect policies or opinions of my employers, my business, or any organisation that I am affiliated to or a member of.

If you would like to contact me regarding Information Quality topics or presenting or writing opportunities in that field please use the contact form below.

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  2. Hi Daragh,

    Really enjoying your blog, however after reading your book reviews it has come to my attention that you have not reviewed my book – Improving Data Warehouse and Business Information Quality: Methods for Reducing Costs and Increasing Profits.

    I know you have taken some inspiration from my scribblings and viagra I would be very interested in seeing your review of my book on your site.


    Larry P. English

  3. Larry

    Thanks for your comment and kind words.

    I am planning to get reviews of your book and some others I’ve been reading and taking inspiration from posted over the Christmas break. I’ve had to neglect the blog in the past few months as I’ve been quite busy with day job and other projects. And my wife keeps reminding me that I need to make time for important things in life as well (like her).


  4. Hi Darah,
    I googled myself today and came across your blog and a quote you made about one of visit web site canadian rx viagra my blogs!

    Inspired me to get back to http://celtic-irish.co.uk/news/generic-cialis-for-sale blogging and followed up with – ( http://www.andrewbrooks.co.uk/2008/04/corporate_cancer_and_the_evolution_of_business_information.php )

    Also reminded me to subscribe to iaidq – a discussion we once had at the CDI/MDM conference a year or so ago….

    Bye for now,

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