The Electoral Register Hokey-Cokey

When I was a small child, my grandmother used to entertain me and my siblings by getting us to sing and dance the hokey cokey, a playful little song and dance routine if ever there was one. This dance was brought to mind yesterday when Fergal of the Tuppenceworth bloggers emailed me to let me […]

The Electoral Register (Here we go again)

The Irish Times today carries a story on page five which details a number of proposed changes to the management of the Electoral Register arising from the kerfuffle of the past two years about how totally buggered it is. For those of you who don’t know, I’ve written a little bit about this in the […]

Electoral Register issues

Astute followers of the recent General Election in which there were a number of reports of problems with our national electoral register will doubtless be wondering where my comments on that issue might be. Rest assured that I haven’t forgotten about it and am working on collating the media reports of issues and tracking down […]

First Post Anniversary… Electoral Register Processes Still Broken

The DobBlog is 1 year old today. What have we achieved? Well, about 50,000 words on the state of the Irish Electoral Register, syndicated publication of an article based on those words in two International newsletters for IT/Business Intelligence professionals and a wordpress template I’m finally not unhappy with. The electoral register is still buggered […]

Electoral Register… a reprise

Bertie Ahern has waded into the fray on the Electoral Register issue. Some of his comments are, in my personal experience, bizarre. For example, he says “There are still some people who did not answer the door when people called“. I was working from home the day the people called. During the day. When normally my […]

Electoral Register Forms

I previously looked at the issue of the Electoral Register forms – the first point in the information chain that feeds the electoral register. On a whim this morning, I printed a copy out – my intention being to take a closer look at the structure of the form and its layout to see if […]

Electoral Register on Oireachtas Report

The coverage of the Dail Committee meeting on Oireachtas Report this evening was a little disappointing. They only covered the Minister’s speechifying on the topic and didn’t show if there had been any debate or challenge on the topic from any of the Opposition politicians who sit on the Committee such as Labour’s Eamon Gilmore. […]

Dail Committee Discussion on Electoral Register issues

There is a Dail Committee discussion on the Electoral Register issue being held this afternoon at 16:15. The Minister for the Environment will be facing questioning on what is being done to fix our shambles of an electoral register. According to the published schedule, this discussion is to be televised. I’m not sure exactly where on […]

Electoral Register Forms

I had a look at the Reach Service Portal ( a central portal for citizen information). They had a helpful link to a form to register for the Register of Electors. Very helpful. My thoughts are as follows:  If there is no standard template in existence amongst local authorities ( to the Minister’s surprise), why […]

Irish Electoral Register… a reprise

OK. It looks like somebody in the Dept of the Environment is either thinking things through or reading this blog or a bit of both. In the Dáil (Irish Parliament) yesterday the statements from the Minister Dick Roche were interesting: Local Authorities had recently been given regular access to electronic files linked with the General […]