Back again… and with a new face too.

The DoBlog is back again, and in the style of Bond villains it has another new face. The old one was functional-ish and quite search engine friendly but it was a tad bland and ugly and didn’t wrap text very well. Frankly I put my failure to be nominated for any of the Irish Blog Awards down to the poor design 😉 . Next year I am hoping to wrestle TwentyMajor for a 2 litre bottle of Um-Bongo – well done to Twenty for winning again.

I’ve been busy with the IQNETWORK website ( getting it bang up to date and also running the 4th Information Quality Forum in DCU. I’m also lecturing in DCU as well, so I have very little time for this blog which is still more of a hobby than a way of life.

Must also try and find time to get back into training with the Aikido club…. (sorry Sensei).

So much to do… must set up a category for ‘time management’….