Daragh O Brien is a 30-something male living in the South-East of Ireland He is a leading practitioner in the area of Information/Data Quality Management, Information Governance, and Data Protection and previously sat on the Board of Directors of the International Association for Information & Data Quality(www.iaidq.org). He is also a Fellow of the Irish Computer Society. Daragh is the Managing Director of Castlebridge Associates, a specialist Information Quality Management training, mentoring and project management practice based in Wexford, Ireland. He is a FETAC qualified trainer and enjoys bringing his decade plus experience of Information Quality Management to bear on problems and challenges faced by businesses from SME to Large Corporate. Daragh also lectures part time in Dublin City University in the School of Computing on the European Masters in Business Informatics and in a guest lecturing capacity to undergraduates.

Strange bedfellows

We are living in strange times. And I’m not just talking about Covid, forest fires, or the potential discovtaery of signs of alien life on Venus. No, I’m talking about the bizarro-world scenario of Max “Europe vs Facebook” Schrems joining common cause with (checks notes) Facebook against the Irish Data Protection Commission over (checks notes …

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Mea Minima Culpa – Politicians, Rubber Chicken, and Pandemics

So, 81 people attended a Golf Society event in a hotel in Clifden during a time when the country was losing control again on a pandemic, largely through community transmission. At the time, the public health REGULATIONS (not guidance) were that events like this could permit a maximum of 50 people. Weddings had been cancelled. …

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Awakening from Slumber

It’s been just over a year since I wrote anything on this blog. That’s too long. So I’ll be writing some stuff today and tomorrow about my experiences using FOI to identify where mandatory procedural aspects of Data Protection law are not being followed by public bodies and the response of the Data Protection Commission …

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A Letter to the Editor

Over the past few days, the Irish Times has carried a larger volume than usual of the “Data Protection Commissioner is evil” letters, giving out about her “nonsensical powers” because the bad lady won’t let them do things they want to do with data about people who are/might be alive. I don’t always agree with …

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Symphisiotomy, Redress, and the DPC

Over on the company site I’ve written a piece on Data Retention policies that references the Symphisiotomy redress scheme as a case study in data retention planning (not in a good way). For those who didn’t spot it yesterday and who are glued to the national media that isn’t referencing this huge story, let me …

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