Side effects of the Blog Awards?

It would seem that the IT thought police in my employer were paying attention to the Blog awards. For a long time our web filters only blocked tools like and typepad. Sites like Tuppenceworth who operated their blog on their own domain (like the DoBlog too) flew beneath the radar.

Not any longer.

As of today I’ve noticed that the venerable Tuppenceworth has been blocked, as have all incarnations of Twenty Major. It is possible that it is just a co-incidence that this has happened a week after the Irish Blog Awards, but I’m far to cynical to think that. I’m donning the TinFoil Hat of Conspiracy as I suspect that the media profile given to some of the former ‘stealth blogs’ in the run up to the Blog Awards may have alerted some policy makers to the fact that there’s more than one way to blog.

Hopefully I’ll be able to keep updating the DoBlog and the IQNetwork site after hours from the office. Failing that I’ll just have to trawl for some wireless broadband connectivity.

In the mean time…

Tupp’worth isn’t blocked anymore… looks like a random burp from the web filters. Twenty is still barred though, more’s the pity.