A plug for the bruvver

Thought I’d take a quick time-out to plug the brother’s blog over at http://anothercryingshame.blogspot.com.

I particularly liked his post on the Electoral Consitutencies issue, especially his description of Dick Roche as the late lamented Government’s top crisis manager… which I quote here…

…that man is the greatest crisis manager the FF/PD’s have. So great are his skills of crisis management that he has been known to leave entirely solvable problems alone for years until they become the sort of crises that have citizens of the state doubled over with the shitty squits, just so he can flex his crisis solving muscles.

As he is younger and less mature, he can get away with things that a more mature mind would hesitate over (and then quote anyway). Some elements of accuracy may be lacking in that description, but Turlough is right – there has been a Zapp Brannigan-esque approach to managing things.