Spin again…

Day 4 of the elections and spin is being spun.

Trevor Sargent has laid into el Berto for calling the election on a Thursday and disenfranchising young voters. Trevor encourages young voters (students etc.) to register to get on the supplemental register where they are currently living.

What about us poor commuters though? I have a home, mortgage, cats and family in the far flung county of Commuterania. I don’t want to vote in Dublin North East where I rest my head mid week. I would have used the postal vote system but there was not enough time for me to

  • find form on line
  • Get boss to sign form
  • Get form back to the County Council of Commuterania

. That is another less emphasised impact of the Dail being dissolved on a Sunday morning.

I want to feel that I have had a say in electing the people who represent my local interests on the national stage. So I’ll have to juggle my schedule the last week in May to make sure that I am in the Far Flung County and can use my low tech, high trust paper and pencil to vote.