Stamp duty dominates FF manifesto launch…

…just not the way they’d want

RTE News have THIS. Apparently Bertie got a bit garralous with Vincent Browne at the manifesto press conference. Spin handlers bungled a bit when Browne, apparently, was initially stopped by FF handlers from asking questions, which allowed him the opportunity to refer back to the good old days of The Squire Haughey.

Bertie then seems to have flipped a bit:

‘This has nothing to do with the tribunal’, Mr Ahern responded. ‘I allocated my money for uses and I’m entitled to do that. I earned the money [my emphasis].’

He added: ‘Are you questioning that I shouldn’t be allowed to use money?’

Hang on a second… Mr Ahern has just said in front of the media that the money that was paid to his then partner by a business man who he was renting a house from which he has claimed was a “stamp duty” issue and was related to work his partner had done to “facilitate” renovations and refurbishments to the house is now money that he earned.

What exactly did he earn it for?

Over on there have been a few good posts about Bertie’s particular version of events. When the phrase “the Chewbacca defence” is used to describe your explanation, you know you’ve got problems…

Bloody hell Baldrick… I smell a crisis brewing – send for Zapp Brannigan!!