Support your local train service…

As I write this I’m travelling on the new evening rail service from Wexford to Dublin. It is really good. Cleverly Irish Rail have figured out that if they run a commuter service between Wexford and Waterford (using the lines previously hogged by Sugar beet trains that are no more) then they can run a service to Dublin via a connection at Enniscorthy.

For anyone travelling to or from Wexford this is a very much needed service. Indeed as a total package the new timetables provides a much needed piece of strategic connectivity between the South East and Dublin.

Passenger numbers on this, the first evening service to run, are OK for an evening train. However I think that with a bit of publicity the numbers travelling on the revised routes will easily justify them. Personally it makes my life a shit load easier as I can actually get some work done and then spend and hour or two with my wife (who was on the morning bus to Dublin today).

I will be trying out the morning service next week and will blog about my experiences live from the train… I really hope I can blog about overcrowding.

The only drawback is that the speed of the train is slightly less than that of the bus… but with a bit of investment in the lines we could actually get a viable eco-friendly transport system out of the south-east and reduce the reliance people have on the overstretched bus services.

Well done to who ever thought of this new schedule… and Santa, if you are listening, I’ve been really good all year and would really like to have faster trains that could get me to Dublin in less than 2hrs from Wexford.