Oh for the love of all that is holy…

Last week the Government was telling us that they had no choice about the imposition of water charges on schools that it was being imposed on us by the ‘evil’ EU (cue pantomime boos and hisses). Then various opposition TDs and MEPs pointed out that that wasn’t actually correct to the point of pretty much being a blatant and unmitaged lie.

So now the Taoiseach (Prime Minister) has announced that schools should hold off on paying the bills that they have at the moment because there may be some alternative to the thing that they were only just saying that they had no control over.

For frak’s sake (thank you Battlestar Galatica for giving me safe profanities), what are these muppets playing at? In the struggle to retain some veneer of actually being in control of things and working for the good of the people who elected them they are executing more flip flops than a footwear firing squad on an Australian surfing beach.

In true pantomime tradition, why don’t all the children look around the stage and see where their credibility and believability have gone? Oh yes indeed, it’s behind them… waaaaayyyyyy back there. Dying like an old man on a dirty hospital trolley in a plague ridden hospital.

The row back on the “b*starding EU has tied our hands” obviously has nothing to do with Ireland being the only country in the EU that requires a Consitutional referendum to ratify the new EU Consitution-Lite Treaty. No. Not a bit of it. Not that, and nothing either with them being found out as being as economical with the truth about this issue as our Taoiseach is about what money he got from where and why when he was Minister for Finance.