A memoir in 6 words

Darren over at the Crabbling Otter has laid down a challenge to me, which was in turn given to him by GrannyMar. The challenge is to write my memoir in six words. It is harder then you think. I normally take 20 words to say hello and forty eight to say goodbye.

Worked diligently, invested time, achieved joy.

That’s my starter for 10. But if I was allowed 10 there’d be four more words to play with… bugger.

3 thoughts on “A memoir in 6 words”

  1. Ha, very haiku-ish. I like it.

    Lottie is still in the midst of exams, but the first one went well it seems. Next one is on Wednesday.

  2. Hi Daragh.

    I am interested in identity theft and would like to see it on your course that you teach in the school of Computing. I am baffled that you think you can get away it ? There is already one other dara o’briain, another joker who I get mistaken for. I will have the last laugh however, mu-haw haw there can be only one Darragh O’Briain. !!!!

    Darragh with more R and a PhD.

  3. Dr. DarRagh,

    I am aware of this former Wicklow resident alleged comedian. In a fit of irony I actually debated with him when I was in college. People distinguished us by the fact that he was taller, balder, fatter and funnier. I have caught up in at least one of those categories in the past decade and a bit.

    As for the use of the phrase “Mu-haw haw” on this blog, all I can say is that of course you know, this means war.

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