Palin to Obama… why won’t the LA Times tell us when you stopped beating your wife?

Good grief. How low and desperate are the Republicans? Newstalk radio in Ireland this morning ran a clip of Sarah Palin putting the stilletto in to Obama by talking about comments made at an event that Obama was at about Israel and US support for Israel back in 2003. Palin’s killer blow was that they didn’t know how Obama had reacted because the LA Times won’t release the video they were given.

So Mr Obama, when did you stop beating your wife and why won’t the LA Times release the video? When did you stop taking psychotropic drugs? When did you stop torturing downed fighter pilots in the Vietnam war?

Why is the LA Times covering for you Mr Obama?

There is no effective response to this other than to say “gahhhh… bahhh”. To engage with a denial prompts the follow up question… “So are you denying it?”, followed by the spin “Candidate denies fornicating with fluffy bunnies”.

It is a cheap and lazy tactic that evidences the disarry of the McCain Palin camp in my view.. Obama has such a lead in the polls now that he doesn’t have to engage with the issue.

Mrs Palin, when did you stop beating your moose?