Information non-quality on the blog

Simon over at tuppenceworth has been on to me. Apparently my blog isn’t quite meeting his expectations.

Can’t have that.

Simon’s problem is that he isn’t quite sure what scrap and rework is. He says that it sounds bad to him, and I use it in a way that suggests it is a thing we shouldn’t do… but what exactly is it?

Can’t have that. Must meet or exceed expecation… so what I will do is put together a page in the blog that will contain a lexicon of terms that I can link to… I’ll try to make it alphabetical as it would be ironic if I couldn’t manage that simple an Information process.

Any terms that I use (and I suspect there may be many) that require definition please let me know. I sometimes speak a different language (dataqualitarian) and I acknowledge that I need to translate sometimes to communicate clearly.

Thanks Simon.


2 thoughts on “Information non-quality on the blog”

  1. In specific answer to Simon’s question…

    Scrap & Rework:
    The activities and costs required to correct or dispose of defective manufactured products

    Information Scrap & Rework

    The activities and costs required to cleanse or correct nonquality information, to recover from process failure caused by nonquality information, or to rework or work around problems caused by missing or nonquality information. Analogous to manufacturing scrap and rework

    Thanks to Larry P English for these definitions.

  2. I acknowledge your relentless customer focus.

    But now I am slightly wiser I still have a question. Why should we not be in favour of scrap and rework as a method of fixing the Electoral Register. It seems to me that it is the kind of starting point every fixy project has.

    ie- why is scrap and rework not good enough?

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