Excel – some noteworthy c*ckups…

The nice people over at the European Spreadsheet Risks Interest Group have an excellent website with good examples of spreadsheets gone wrong.

Here’s one about sorting errors

And another… here

And another… here

and another… here

and another … here

and another… here (this one relates to electoral roll data)

and another… here

Some of these links might be broken now as some of the articles are a bit old but the EUSPRIG site has summaries of the stories.

My finger is sore from cutting and pasting links… if you want to see more on the risks of relying on spreadsheets, check out http://www.eusprig.org/stories.htm

1 thought on “Excel – some noteworthy c*ckups…”

  1. Patrick O’Beirne at EUSPRIG has confirmed my fears about the risks in the use of Excel for the purpose set out by Dick Roche.

    I promise I’ll get a post up that clearly explains my concern…

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