Blog Awards 09 build up

So, the build up to the Blog Awards 2009 has started already. A few weeks ago I was talking with Simon McGarr about whether there was scope to do something in Dublin in the immediate run up to the Blog Awards to cater for people who might not be able to make it to Cork or people who are in transit on our wonderful, space age interconnected public transport system through Dublin to Cork.

I suggested a pub quiz. For charity. Of course, to run an event like that I need to know that people are interested before I start spending Christmas putting together questions and stuff.

So, I’ve put together a quick survey to judge demand and interest and suss out what people might be interested in doing. So… JUST FOLLOW THIS LINK to answer a few questions about whether we should set some more questions for you to answer.

If you want to see how the survey is going… CLICK HERE

6 thoughts on “Blog Awards 09 build up”

  1. Not a bad idea. We’ve booked our Cork trip already, but I’d certainly be up for a table quiz. I know a good few people who’d join us.

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  3. Survey responses are starting to come in… at least one team is interested. Unfortunately, we need at least two teams to have a competition….

  4. hey Daragh, i’m planning a get together on the Friday night in Pantibar – The Ugly Blog Ball. we’ll probably attract very different crowds, but just to give you the heads up!

  5. Rosie,

    I’m sure there’s no need for us to compete head to head for bloggers. If we organise the quiz for early enough in the evening we can dispatch people to Pantibar afterwards (assuming the quiz is on the Friday.. I’m letting the punters speak on this one via the survey).

    If you let your punters know about my gig, I’ll pass the word on about yours. Verily we will have a Fiesta de’l Blogorati in the run up to the awards.

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