Oh Dell (the return)

The DVD drive on my Dell laptop failed (again) over the weekend so I requested a replacement as per their warranty.

The technician requested my address and an alternate delivery address and also asked for details of my availablility over the 48hr period from Tuesday.

I provided my home address (Wexford) and the address of the office building I work in in Dublin. I also SPECIFICALLY stated that I would not be available to accept deliveries at the Wexford address until Friday and that if the drive was being delivered on Thursday it should be delivered to my office.

Guess where it went to.

Courier will deliver it again tomorrow (Friday). From my conversation with him on the phone it seems that this is a regular occurence in Dell.

They had a perfectly sound process to gather information to meet the expectation of their customer. However somewhere along the line they managed to screw it up and ignore important pieces of information.

Why waste my time asking for an alternate delivery address and details of my availability when they will be ignored?

Dell…. oh dear.